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  1. Who wants to live forever When love must die? — Queen, "Who Wants To Live Forever" Podcasts. The Animus Bell: How would you like to live forever? Magnus: I'd hate it. Shut the fuck up. [stuffs the Bell into his bag without another word] — The Adventure Zone: .
  2. "Who wants to live forever when love must die?" "Forever Young" by Alphaville; Van Der Graaf Generator covered the subject in their song "Still Life" from the eponymous album. The song "Heaven" by Frazier Chorus is about how heaven would really just be boring. S.P.O.C.K - "Last Man on Earth".
  3. 「リヴ・フォーエヴァー」(Who Wants to Live Forever)は、イギリスのロック・バンド、クイーンの楽曲。年 9月15日にEMIよりシングルとしてリリースされており、年発売のアルバム『カインド・オブ・マジック』に収録されている。. 年にローリング・ストーン誌が発表した B面: キラー・クイーン (7インチ, 12インチ), フォー .
  4. Who Wants To Live Forever - goggfoltifuraber.laisviluleanabbuwabolickcemocar.infoinfo - A comprehensive Queen Discography, Queen Interviews, Queen History. Everything you need to know about Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor, and John Deacon./>.
  5. He wrote the line "Who wants to live forever" in a cab on his way home from the viewing of the film. Inspiration came from the scene where Connor Macleod (Christopher Lambert) takes his dying wife Heather (Biettie Edney) in his arms at the time of her death. This .
  6. Nov 20,  · Directed by John Fothergill. With John Blunt, Mark Brennan, Mark Brennan, Paul Culshaw. A dramatization of the final years of the music world's most famous AIDS casualty, Freddie Mercury, which includes interviews with the people who knew him/10().
  7. The majority of human beings believe wanting to live forever is just plain wrong for various reasons. Take, for example, Miss Alabama's argument, if you can call it that, given during the Miss.
  8. “Who wants to live forever“ was written by Brian May even though the composer is listed as QUEEN. This is documented in a video interview with Brian May. anonymous.

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